Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Re-post, share, and check your brain at the door

One of my facebook pet peeves involves posting, re-posting, and sharing of things that are inaccurate or untrue and unchecked.

For example, some people on facebook freely shared a link to a hoax post about Jon Bon Jovi being dead.  I went to the link someone shared, and it was quite obvious to me that it was nothing more than a blog someone had created to look like a news website.  Then I did a search to see if any legitimate news sources were reporting the story, and there were none.

Then there was the post that circulated quite freely encouraging people to make changes to subscription settings, claiming it would eliminate ticker posts.  When all it actually did was control what of that person's posts showed up in your news feed.

Sometimes it is like people take out their brain and shelve it when they log in to facebook.  I mean, is it so hard for people to take a moment and check out the truth of something before they plaster it all over facebook?  We are intelligent, thinking human beings.  But it is a great shame that we don't always act like it.
-- jd --

Friday, November 25, 2011

My week, Thanksgiving, and black friday

My week started out on Monday with hubby and I going out to do my grocery shopping for this week.  He drove, and I took my list of what we needed in general for our planned Thanksgiving feast for the two of us.  Now before you think less of my hubby because he just drove - he is on disability, has bad knees and is supposed to stay off his feet a lot, and is recovering from cancer treatments; so during the cold and flu season, we are keeping him away from people as much as possible while his immune system rebounds from the treatments.

I went to Walmart and got the stuff I needed there, and found the grocery side of the store to be filled with people doing much the same thing as I was.  But the people were nice, and seemed in a holiday spirit.  Then we went home and dropped off the cold stuff I had gotten at Walmart.  Then we went to our local IGA grocery store to get the rest of the things I needed.  Then we went home.  On Tuesday we ventured over to our local Dollar General Store to pick up 2 or 3 other things we needed.  They have cokes .28 cents cheaper than Walmart.  Then we were home with our shopping done for the week.

Now over the past 10 years or so, we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving too heartily.  Most of the time over the past 10 years, I have done little to no cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday.  So you may wonder why?  And why the difference this year?

It all goes back to fall of about 10 years ago, when my husband got a job working on the floor maintenance crew at our local Walmart.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  In retrospect, we both sort of wish that he had never taken the job.  Because the job has ruined his knees and ruined our holidays for the past 10 years.  There wasn't hardly a holiday that he didn't have to work, especially Thanksgiving night - to be there to help get the store ready for the black friday shoppers.  So over the past few years we haven't bothered much with Thanksgiving.  Maybe a frozen turkey dinner and a pumpkin pie was our Thanksgiving celebration; because he usually worked the night  before - Wednesday, and would work Thursday night, and usually went in Friday night too.  And usually he would have to go in earlier than regular on Thursday, to make sure he got his work done before the shoppers converged on the store.  And with Walmart starting their sales at 10 pm on Thursday this year, I can't even begin to imagine what time the poor workers had to be there to get ready for the shoppers this year.

But this year, 2011, we had a great Thanksgiving!  You see, back in 2010, my husband had to start working part-time because his bad knees would no longer allow him to work full-time.  And he didn't have hardly any knee trouble at all before he went to work at Walmart.  Plus, I have a bad back, and have not been able to work for years.  We managed on his part-time salary, hoping he could hold out until he reached retirement age.  Then in the beginning of 2011, one of the night-time Walmart managers (who had always shown a distinct dislike for my husband anyway) trumped up enough gripes to get him fired.  He applied for unemployment, and had just started to draw it when he went into the hospital for a knot on his neck.  We thought it was related to a badly abscessed tooth that he had been unable to take care of, but it turned out to be cancer.  So he launched into the surgery and treatments to take care of his cancer, and disability was applied for.

Yes, we have had a heck of a year.  He didn't have any insurance, and money has been very tight all year, and he has been running back and forth to doctors.  But we still had a lot to be thankful for this year.  The two big things for me:  the doctors have now declared him cancer free and cured, and he won't be going into work at Walmart on Thanksgiving night ever again.  So we celebrated this year, and I cooked.  I fixed a beef roast with carrots and potatoes in my stockpot on the stove, made his favorite layered lettuce salad, made a bean and tomato casserole I had come up with the idea for, and got a couple of Marie Callendar pies:  coconut creme and pumpkin.  I enjoyed this Thanksgiving more than any other.

But I feel so sorry for all the employees' holiday that was ruined by what has become the greatest example of greed that our modern world has.

Thanksgiving is a holiday when we are supposed to reflect on the blessings that we have, and be thankful for them.  It is supposed to be a holiday spent enjoying good food with family and friends and loved ones.  It is supposed to be a holiday when you think about those less fortunate than yourself, and help them if you can.  It is supposed to be a holiday when we reach out to those spending the holiday alone, and try to make them feel less alone.

But in today's world of ever increasing corporate greed, ways to increase the money raked in from the Christmas shopping season are destroying Thanksgiving.

Used to be, when black friday started, it truly started on Friday; not Thursday.  But still it encroached on the Thanksgiving celebration of the employees who worked at these stores.

Used to be, yes, Christmas shopping started the day after Thanksgiving.  But it used to be a joyous thing associated with red and green and Santa and elves and Christmas trees and wrapping paper and the Baby Jesus lying in a manger.  It gave one a warm fuzzy Christmas feeling that built all the way up to Christmas Eve and Day itself.

I am 50, and I still remember the days before . . .

But black friday - there isn't one thing warm or fuzzy or loving about that.  Does anyone out there remember, not too long back, the stories of people getting trampled underfoot by other shoppers in a mad frenzy to get the best deals!??!  Why just today I read a story of this horrendous behavior continuing:

Woman pepper sprays other Black Friday shoppers

She pepper sprayed the other shoppers as a pallet of electronics was unwrapped in an effort to gain an upper hand over the other shoppers.  20 people suffered minor injuries, and the woman got away; but the store remained open and people continued to shop.

And this story is just the tip of the black friday iceberg when it comes to stories of black friday injuries and horror stories, to say nothing of simply poor behavior:

13 Most Brutal Black Friday Injuries/Deaths

What about this story from 2008?

Wal-Mart worker dies in Black Friday stampede

Nothing can bring that person back to their family.  And they were just a Walmart employee doing their job because they needed the money.

So is this story putting a crimp in your black friday shopping mood?  I sincerely hope so!

Throughout history, black friday has referred to any Friday on which a disaster or calamity has occurred.  And now the greedy corporate retailers want to take over Thanksgiving, and erase it, and shroud it all in a black cloak of greed and avarice and shopping.  And they will succeed if we the people let them.

So what do you say - you people out there?  Will you let them?  Or will you fight to save Thanksgiving, and all the best part of the human spirit that it represents?

I will always fight to encourage, uphold, and save that which represents the best of the human spirit.  And I will always fight against the darkness which would destroy the light.

Do you think I am overstating it?  Perhaps a little out there?  Or perhaps you are somewhat less than the best of what you could be.  Think about it.

And for you who agree with me, fight against the darkness that would destroy the light - wherever you may find the battle happening.  Whether it be on a war front, or in a store on Thanksgiving.


Want to read more?  Some links for you:


Note from me -- 

I posted a link for this post on the Walmart facebook page, and they deleted it.  I also made a comment to one of their posts about a food item they were pushing, that people should check out recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers on my food and cooking page; and they deleted that too.  

Apparently they only want comments that kiss their corporate behind.  And they obviously prefer that you throw your leftovers away and come buy new food.  

Thought about sending corporate an email saying that, but then decided not to.  You see, we live in a small town; and Walmart is it.  No Target or K-Mart.  Only other shopping is a 30 minute drive away, and we are just not in shape to drive 30 minutes to do weekly shopping.  I was on their corporate comment page, and then closed the page without sending my comments.  I became afraid that if I griped too loudly, that they might ban me from shopping at my local store.

America is no longer a free nation.  It is a nation in bondage.  Sad.
-- jd --

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook rolls out new changes

It began over the summer, this facebook rolling out changes.  And they indicated - heck, they said - that there would be more changes to come over the coming months.  As for me, I have liked all their changes pretty much and have adapted.  I like facebook.  And I do think their changes have made it better to use.  They have been really great to provide info explaining the new changes and how to use them.  The biggest change today was simply how the newsfeed on your home page appears.  Here is a link to some info explaining it:


There is even a feedback link at the bottom so you can tell people what you think of the new changes.  Judging by comments from my friends, it would seem that my hubby and I are among the few who like the changes.  Another change facebook made over the past couple of months is to add the ticker.  If you are on facebook, and play games, you have already seen the app ticker.  But now they have added it to your other pages too, for status posts.  The app ticker I didn't really care for as it seemed to crowd the game screen some, but I have gotten used to it and pay it little attention.  This newest ticker, I love.  You can hover over a post, and the whole thing appears to the left side.  You can easily check out what your different friends are doing and saying.  Here is a link to some info about the tickers:


I couldn't even begin to tell you why I like the changes, when so many of my friends seem to hate them.  But then maybe it has to do with my computer experiences. 

I began using computers for the first time in the early 1980s.  I took computer operations at a business college, and learned on a big room filling IBM System 34.  They were only beginning to teach desktop computers at the college when I graduated.  At my first job, my employer had a brand new AT&T desktop computer that he knew nothing about; and neither did I.  I took the manuals and read them and learned about it.  My next computer, which I still have and it still works, was an Apple Macintosh Plus; which had an operating system pretty much exactly like windows of today.  So I have used a lot of different computers, and a lot of different operating systems.  What I didn't understand, I sought to learn about.  Thus I got good at finding info I wanted.

I want to conclude with this thought:

Change is the nature of civilization.  New changes in some area are always presenting themself.  Once upon a time, cars and airplanes were new changes.  And from what I have seen in movies and such, back then there were people who hated those new horseless carriages.  But now cars are an accepted part of our civilization.  So to reduce the stress in your life, accept that change will occur; and adapt to it as best as possible. 

One thing I do hope that facebook will roll out is a way to sort out the posts for one particular game.  Right now there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.  There used to be a way to do that at the bottom of the games page.  Hopefully that is one of changes they will roll out.

That's all for me, and I am . . .

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 9-11

Was just noticing a post over on facebook that is going around, about wanting people to be silent on the website between 8:46 am to 10:28 am.  But what happened that day was more about life than it was about death.

For my husband and I, 2001 was a very eventful year.  We had just moved into the rented house that we are still living in.  The first of August that year, he was fired from the church he was pastoring for simply sending out a letter asking for some help.  And we all know what happened in September.  Never will forget that year.

Well this year, 2011, has been a very eventful year for us too.  In February of this year, my husband was fired from his job, which was our sole source of income.  Then in March, we found out he had cancer and he spent most of that month in the hospital.  Then he filed for disability, and finally got that.  There have been the doctor visits and the treatments, but he is doing well.  And right now we are just about broke and getting by on a whisper and a prayer.

Back in 2001, a lot of people died.  And a lot of those people died saving other people.  I will never forget the stories of those who were going up to try to save more, while others were fleeing down.  Or that plane-load of people who died in an effort to thwart a terrorist's plan.  They died that others might continue to have life.

Let's honor their sacrifice, their memory, not with silence -- but by celebrating the life that we are still here to live.  Want to honor those who died on 9-11?  Plant a flower or a tree, call a friend, or do something nice for a total stranger.  Just celebrate life.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The saggy pants trend

Have you heard about this?  It seems to be the latest front on the saggy pants trend:

Green Day singer ejected from flight over pants

It seems the flight attendant asked the young man to pull his pants up, and he gave a rather flippant answer in return.  So they ejected him from the plane.  Then they had to apologize!  Humph!  I don't think they should have had to apologize.  I think it is a stupid trend to begin with.  It may be a very popular trend, but it is a stupid one!

I mean, where did this stupid trend begin at anyway?  I'll bet no one knows.

--jd --

Saturday, July 23, 2011

People just can't take the truth

The phase of political correctness that invaded our world has done serious damage to people and society.  For it has created a society of people who don't want the truth.  They want to be stroked and humored and coddled.  Take my day for example.

My hubby and I are going thru a rough time right now, physically and financially.  (Nah, nobody pays me for my writing.)  And to blow off some steam, I had posted about it some on my facebook page.  Lots of people do that right?  In one post I made, I commented about how tired I was of people responding with 'I'm praying for you'.  Because of Christian organizations today, that seems to be what they do the most of, pray for this and that and whoever; that and build new buildings.  But some of my christian friends took it as an attack on their faith, and started coming after me.  I got so tired of it that I simply  deleted all the posts.

And take an email I got -
I sometimes will answer questions on the Yahoo Answers.


One question just recently was from a 15 year old who wanted to know how to get high on something other than alcohol.  I said the person was stupid for wanting to get high in the first place.  They removed my answer!  Here is their reply:

"You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted and 10 points have been deducted from your points total. Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

Question: Can I get drunk/high without using alcohol?

Deleted Answer: My answer - you're 15 and you are stupid for wanting to get high on anything at all. Maybe no one else will say this, but I will.

Violation Reason: Insulting or Ranting Content

In Yahoo! Answers you may not demean or insult others, or post tirades directed towards persons or groups.

If you feel this content was removed in error, please read the Community Guidelines and make sure that this content: 1. respects the question-answer format and is not chatty or personal communication; 2. does not contain non-relevant links to external sites or other questions and does not promote your own blog or website; 3. is respectful to other people and does not offend other community members. If you still believe this content has been removed in error, please contact Customer Care and tell us why.

 Yahoo! Customer Care"

Yahoo thinks it is wrong of me to feel it is stupid for a 15 year old to want to get high.  Is this ridiculous or what?!!?

In another instance, one of my facebook friends had commented about a rather obscene remark she had gotten from a guy (on facebook I assume).  Well, she had for her profile picture, a drawing of a heavily tattooed woman with big boobs and barely clad in a black tiny bikini.  I suggested that her sleazy avatar might have something to do with it.  She got insulted and dropped me as a friend.  I figured she might, but after the day I had I decided I just didn't care; especially since I didn't know her all that well anyhow.

Maybe if people would start accepting the truth, and calling things stupid when they are, and quit being so darn politically correct - then maybe this world wouldn't be in the mess it is in right now.  Because today I was basically told that it is okay for a 15 year old to post on Yahoo Answers and find out how to get high.  And I was told that it was wrong of me to get tired of the 'will pray for you' phrase that Christians are so lovingly fond of.  And was told it was wrong of me to call a sleazy picture sleazy.  But then my family would agree with that.  They too think I am wrong.

My oldest brother deceived my aging and senile parents and basically stole everything they had.  My middle brother somewhere along the way found out about it and went along with it.  And none of them are talking to me because I am wrong?  Hey, I didn't even get my wedding dress or Star Trek books that were out at my mother's house.  Little less anything of hers for a keepsake.  And they are all 'good christians' too.

To say that people just can't take the truth anymore is putting it mildly.  Our world today has gotten warped completely out of any perspective or semblance to what it should be.  The actions in the examples I have shared with you show that quite clearly.  And we sometimes shake our head in wonder at the mess that is Washington DC and our US government!?!  They only reflect in a larger manner, the mess that has become our society of today.

Well I for one refuse to coddle and nurture your temperamental sensitivities.  I will tell the truth as I see it.  And I still call a spade a spade - not a club.  And no christian community, I am not going to cater to the holier than thou attitude that you wear like a badge.  I don't know of any of you who truly live the Christian faith as the bible says it should be lived.

Be advised and warned society:




For me,
a spade is a spade;
stupid is stupid;
a lie is a lie;
and christians are just sinners by another name.

-- jd --

Friday, July 8, 2011

The last shuttle

I just watched the last space shuttle launch - Atlantis.  And you know, I watched the first one take flight too.  The first one was named Enterprise.  Being a big Star Trek fan, I was very excited about that name.  That shuttle never got to go into space, but it bore a historic name and launched the program.  I was there too when the shuttle with the teacher on it blew up in flight.  I was working for an attorney then, there in the office, listening to the radio.  It was with stunned amazement that I told Mr. Thomas that the shuttle had blown up.  But they regrouped and kept on going.

It’s been a wonderful time, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching those big birds blast off into space.  They are an awesome sight.  We have made great progress on the international space station since the  first shuttle took flight.  Back then there wasn’t much to the space station.  But over the years it has grown.

So today I began to wonder what was next?  Nasa has no vehicle, that I know of, ready to use.  Well the internet is a wonderful thing for the curious like me.  So here is what I found, on Nasa’s own website:

And now it would seem that Nasa is turning it’s thoughts to Mars.  We have been to the moon.  We have built, and are using, and will continue to use the international space station.  But now Nasa wants to build a vehicle to explore the solar system.  And that is understandable.  So now we will sit back and wait for the next phase of the Nasa space program to take flight.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The 2012 race for the White House - Ready, set, go! - Let the mudslinging begin!

In any modern day presidential race, there is always the mudslinging.  Sooner or later it always begins.  But in the past, the mudslinging usually has been between the candidates, with the news agencies reporting the activity.  But get this headline that I just ran across: 

NY Times and Washington Post enlist readers to sift through Palin emails, as ‘Palinistas’ are asked to ‘go undercover’

I mean, am I wrong, or does this look like the news agencies are getting into the mudslinging?  And they are doing it against a candidate who isn't even a candidate!  Palin hasn't even declared herself as running for president.  I believe that she has said she has thought about it.  But she hasn't officially declared she is running for president the last I heard.  And these two papers aren't the only ones who are on a 'smear Palin' campaign.  On Piers Morgan's CNN  show,  he and Ann Coulter got into a dump on Palin session at Piers urging. 

Ann Coulter On Sarah Palin Running For President: ‘I Wouldn’t If I Were Her’

And they didn't stop there.  Morgan even compared the tea party to Mussolini and Hitler followers from back before World War 2.

Piers Morgan Asks Ann Coulter if Tea Party is Modern Version of Hitler and Mussolini's Followers

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAY WHEN NEWS AGENCIES JUST REPORTED THE NEWS INSTEAD OF TRYING TO MAKE IT???  Another example for you:  take CNN's presidential debate in New Hampshire on June 13th - one of the candidates for president, former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, has been excluded from the debate. 

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson on CNN’s silence: ‘Really disheartening’

These people aren't just reporting the news anymore.  They are making the news.  They are trying to sway and determine who gets elected and who doesn't.  They are trying to make up people's minds for them. 
This is truly a sad day in American politics, that the process of electing a president has gotten so nasty.  I share the thought that I heard another commentator - LZ Granderson - make on a news show.  He made the point that a lot of the candidates are criticizing Obama, but they aren't laying out a plan that will be better than what Obama has done.  Now that is the essence of it, now isn't it.  While they are all busy slinging mud at each other, they aren't having to spend time talking about the issues at hand:  the problems that our country has and how they are going to solve them. 

So maybe we the American people, need to demand that our candidates for government office - on any level - discuss the issues instead of engaging in mudslinging.  And maybe we the American people should demand that our news agencies report the news instead of trying to make and influence it. 

-- that's all -- jd --

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just me and my weight gain

Well, the title of this blog is 'sharing my thoughts'; and tonight I am thinking about my weight.  Just a bit ago I weighed, and I weighed a startling 158.0 pounds.  I have gained 28.2 pounds since February 2 of this year.  My weight has got to go down, and I have got to get serious about it.  So a lot of what this blog will probably be about in the near future is my losing weight.  One thing I need to do is to curb my sweet tooth, and find lower calorie sweets to satisfy me.  Another thing I am going to try to do is to weigh every day.  I think I will check out some of the lean cuisine and such type frozen dinners.  

Some things I have hindering me are that I have digestive issues.  Back several years ago, I developed irritable bowel syndrome after getting food poisoning from eating some leftover chicken.  Also, I am menopausal and it is not uncommon to gain weight during menopause.  Plus I have a bad back, which hinders my exercising.  

One thing I have done is make myself up a weight and activity chart and put on my computer.  So I can daily track my weight and activity.  


Friday, May 27, 2011

The NFL lockout

So it's contract time in the NFL again.  The owners and the player's union are at it.  A bunch of millionaires arguing over money.  Does it get more disgusting than that!  When people all over our nation are struggling to have money to pay bills and buy food and to live on, these greedy idiots are arguing over money.  This shows they have no concern for their fans, or they would have settled this quickly and quietly. 

No, they don't really care about their fans.  They just assume we will all be there panting and at the ready to come buy their tickets.  I genuinely hope they will be decidedly disappointed when they finally settle their childish bickering.  I hope the fans stay away in droves.  That would teach them all a lesson in what is most important about their sport - the fans who support them.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Zero tolerance policy on bullying

Bullies have been around, have been with us, ever since . . . who knows when. And they are still with us today. But they shouldn't be.

Bullies of today are responsible for causing kids to kill themselves. When someone is so teased that they find death preferable to living, it is time that we adopted a zero tolerance on bullying and teasing.

I know how it feels. I was teased by first this group and then another all through school. It is a very painful thing to go through. I had great parents, but all my mom did was to tell me to ignore them. When someone calls you witcheepoo every day, and makes you feel worthless and small; when someone harasses you to the point where riding the bus to school is dreaded -- that is hard to ignore. And it affects who you are as an adult. Thinking of it still makes me mad today.

So that is why I say -- ZERO TOLERANCE ON BULLYING! No big bullying tolerated. No little bullying or teasing tolerated. No medium teasing or bullying tolerated. We as adults need to get the message out to everyone - No bullying or teasing tolerated at all. Let's show that we are as advanced as the number of our years - and let's make the year 2011 the year that we began stopping the practice tolerating those who bully or tease, no matter who they are or how old they are or where they may be found.

This is the 21st century, so carry the message near and far:

= jd =

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cassettes and 8 tracks and albums and CDs

Read a blog just now by someone who talked about how they used to collect cassette tapes as a kid. Well, that sort of dates both them and me too. You see, when I was a kid, there weren't any cassette tapes. It was all albums, 33rpm and 45rpm. Then 8 tracks came along. They had a rather short life, for they were soon replaced by the cassettes. Then came the CDs. And now many people just store digital versions of their favorite songs.

I still have a bunch of my cassettes. Have been trying to collect them all on CDs. Have some of my old albums too. And have some that belonged to my uncle. They are 78s. Don't have any of my old 8 tracks though. They players back then had a nasty tendency to eat the tapes. And when I got my cassettes, I think I gave away what ones I had left.

I feel sorry for all you younger ones who have missed all this. It has been neat to sit here and witness all this progress.

= jd =

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Spring, spring please come soon

I don't know about you, but I am sick of white. Sick of white, and snow, and cold, and winter. I am ready for spring and warm weather. We seem to be having a particularly snowy winter this year. One gets melted off and another comes to take it's place.

And I have been so cold this year. Hubby and I both have, all this winter. And being cold-natured just isn't usual for him either. I have gotten so that I hibernate during winter mostly. Just don't like getting out in the cold. But then I hibernate during the real hot weather too. But at least in summer during the hot weather, you have those nice warm summer nights when you can get out. In winter, nights are colder than the days, and during the days I just don't care about getting out.

So for now just sign me: waiting for spring to return.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just plain wrong . . .

Just read a news article, and just had to blog about it. Here's the article link:


The story is about a high school muslim girl who was forced to sit on the bench by a referee during the first half of a game because of her headscarf that she wore. Is this ridiculous or what!??! He claimed it was a safety hazard. Someone should have told my grandma that the head scarfs she used to wear were a safety hazard. Come on people! Get with it.

The girl was allowed to play the second half after being given a religious exemption.

If we want a peaceful world, we are going to have to learn how to live at peace and in tolerance with each other in our day to day lives. Until we do that, well . . .

= jd =

Supporting our troops - just do it!

Ran across a blog post that talked about something near and dear to my heart - and that is supporting our troops.


They didn't ask to be over there, but when our government called - they went where ordered. If you have never been involved with supporting our troops, then do. It is an experience that you will be glad for having, and one that you will never forget. I haven't.

I'm not sure how I originally got involved with it, but I am glad I did. I have written and emailed to several of our troops. Have a bunch of photos that they have sent me. Am friends with a couple of them on facebook. Made some good epals who I am also friends with on facebook.

There are lots of websites and groups that can help you with getting involved with supporting our troops. Just click on google and do a search on 'supporting our troops'. It will bring up a whole list of websites. Now I have never sent care packages like the ones talked about in the blog post. You don't have to send care packages. You can just be a pen pal and send letters too. And I didn't know any of the soldiers that I wrote to either.

If you are daunted by writing to someone you don't know, and aren't sure where to start in a letter - just tell them about yourself. Who you are, where you live, what an ordinary day is like for you. Maybe tell them about what the dog did, or the kids did, or what the weather is like. Ordinary sounds real good to these troops, because their lives don't hold much of the ordinary. And as far as the care packages go, the websites will tell you all about how to do it and what to, and not to send. You can even find recipes for home-baked goods that mail well too.

Doesn't matter what country you live in. Support the troops of your nation. They are out there keeping you and our world a safer place for all. Me, I live in the USA in the state of Kentucky. So . .

I send out a big salute to all our US troops, and especially a salute to our troops from Fort Knox and Fort Campbell. SALUTE!!! :)

= jd =

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Making your own granola bars?

Now everybody is wanting to eat healthier these days, aren't they. And granola bars are considered healthy, or are they? Depends on what is put in them as to how healthy they are. Some can be more healthy than others. But if you could make your own, then you could know what is in them - right? But how easy would it be to make them? Not too hard really, all you need is a recipe; and I have one for you. I found this one on a blog that I ran across, and have saved it into my recipe collection - which has grown quite sizable after several years on the internet. So here is the link to the granola bar recipe:


Sounds like a good recipe. And the author mentions tweaking the recipe. That is a favorite of mine, tweaking recipes. I save a recipe that I sort of like to use as a guideline in creating other recipes. Eliminate what I don't like, and add what I do; and in this way I customize recipes to our personal tastes. So check out this neat granola recipe that I found.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fifty years ago today . . .

Fifty years ago today, John F. Kennedy, gave his inaugural address. A month and 4 days later, I would be born. And I was named after his wife, Jacqueline. Here is a link to the text version of his inaugural address:


This is the world into which I was born. This is the world which the baby boom generation grew up in. I am part of that generation - part of the latter end of that generation, but part of it none the less. We have helped to shape the world we live in today. And it is a different world than the one our parents gave us. We looked around at the world they gave us, and some of those things we saw and kept. And some of those things we chose to change.

But as times change, yet in ways they still stay the same. If Kennedy were being inaugurated today, then the words he spoke 50 years ago would still be applicable to today's generation and today's world. With few changes, if any. So let us reread those words of his anew, and apply them to our world of today. Let us put them in our mind and heart, and move forth into our world and see how we can make it a better place; and not a worse one.

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