Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Re-post, share, and check your brain at the door

One of my facebook pet peeves involves posting, re-posting, and sharing of things that are inaccurate or untrue and unchecked.

For example, some people on facebook freely shared a link to a hoax post about Jon Bon Jovi being dead.  I went to the link someone shared, and it was quite obvious to me that it was nothing more than a blog someone had created to look like a news website.  Then I did a search to see if any legitimate news sources were reporting the story, and there were none.

Then there was the post that circulated quite freely encouraging people to make changes to subscription settings, claiming it would eliminate ticker posts.  When all it actually did was control what of that person's posts showed up in your news feed.

Sometimes it is like people take out their brain and shelve it when they log in to facebook.  I mean, is it so hard for people to take a moment and check out the truth of something before they plaster it all over facebook?  We are intelligent, thinking human beings.  But it is a great shame that we don't always act like it.
-- jd --

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