Monday, January 15, 2018

A letter to Senator Jeff Flake

Do you really not realize that the President says the things that the American people are saying. That his words echo our thoughts.

Quit comparing the President to Stalin or Nazis or any of those horrible people. He's none of those. He's right about the news media. They've become the National Enquirer, pretty much all of them. The best one is Fox news, and even they have their drawbacks.

These people will have about 10 seconds of a news story, and then they'll spend the next 30 minutes to an hour basically gossiping about it. Many 'news' networks will report things that they know aren't true.

They're openly hostile and disrespectful to the President. As are many members of Senate and Congress. It's despicable.

Quit being an ass. Try getting in tune with the heartland of America.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Boo on teaser games

I just finished playing the second of what I've recently downloaded and discovered are teaser games. They allow you to play so far and then they ask you to buy the full game to play any further. That's despicable. They come free like regular free games, but they're not. Their teaser games, and they ought to be marked as such.

There should be a separate category or a required label on these that says 'sample game' so you know what you're getting.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Only Lady GaGa supporters can speak up

Earlier today, I put a post on my timeline about Lady Gaga. Apparently she's developed some chronic conditions that are painful. I've heard fibromyalgia and arthritis bandied about. Now everyone is posting, feeling so sorry for her. She canceled a concert and is in the hospital supposedly. With the way folks in the news lie today, I won't say any of that is for certain.

Thing is, there's tons of people who have chronic conditions. They can't just cancel their life and go curl up in a ball in a hospital. They suck it up and go on. They deal with the symptoms of their condition as best they can.

No one feels sorry for them.
Tons of people don't surround them offering help and such.
They get up and go on.

I had shared an article, and expressed these sentiments on facebook, but I ended up deleting the post.
Because of the hateful response I was already getting.

Now I have enough issues in my life to deal with. I don't need this crap dumped on me cause people with their head up Gaga's ass want to hate on me.

Blahhhh .....
Screw me apparently.
They don't give a damn if they make me feel bad, upset me.
I'm sitting here right now with a cold back behind my left hip because it's started hurting me non-stop over the past month.

But guess what. Come Wednesday, I'll still have to take the trash out. I'll have to go fill up the car. I'll have to go do the shopping, carry everything in, and put it all away.

Because my hubby is disabled, and has been sick this year. And no, he hasn't been to a doctor, because we don't have a regular one and we can't afford to go to one anyhow.

So pardon me if I don't have any sympathy for rich, pampered Lady Gaga and her issues. I save my sympathy for poor souls who are in the same boat as me. I don't send it out to rich folks who don't need it.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Poor little Charlie was robbed of his chance

Well, in case you haven't heard, the parents have withdrawn their appeal in the case of their small infant son, Charlie. You can read the article here.

The reason they have withdrawn their appeal is that it is too late for the experimental treatment. Due to the atrocious legal hurdles of the British courts, poor little Charlie will never have his chance at a miracle. They have robbed him of it.

This makes me so glad to be an American, glad that my ancestors chose to come to the new world so many, many years ago.

When I am particularly upset about something, it is my habit to speak out about it. Besides this post, I sent a message to the Prime Minister of England. Here is what I said:
I must say, today I'm so very glad that my ancestors chose to leave England to come to what was then the new world. Your country's laws are barbaric and indecent. You have robbed a mother and father of their God given right to choose about the medical treatment for their child. You have no idea what that experimental treatment might have done for the child. But due to your legal delay tactics, it is now too late. I've read countless stories of parents who fight for every moment they can get with their critically ill child, and how it is a blessing to them; and then there are the stories of the miracles. But your cold, heartless British courts decided that poor little Charlie didn't deserve this chance, you decided the parents didn't deserve that extra time with their child, you robbed them of the right to try for a miracle. SHAME ON YOU! I am so glad I am an American, where parents have the right to choose, where we still believe in miracles. 
I just sent my message.
I feel so sorry for those poor parents. I know from stories of other parents of critically ill children, that every moment is a blessing to such parents.

My thoughts and prayers go out to them and their small son.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The ladies who raised and inspire me

Since my poor husband has been sick, I've had to take up doing more things so he can rest and get better; and I'm pleased to say that he is doing better. As a result, I've been getting up earlier than had become usual for me; and I'm getting quite good at it. Today was trash day, so I needed to take the garbage bags out to the curb, as he's not able to yet.

Then when I finished that chore, I migrated into the office, to get online, with a bowl of caramel, peanut butter oatmeal. When I got on facebook, in running through the posts on my home page, I ran across a post by a writer that I'm friends with; and no, I'm not giving his name. He bragged about how he cussed and how the characters in his books cussed, and encouraged people to brag about how they cussed. 

I didn't care for his post, and I posted the following comment on his post:
Well, I'm from Kentucky, and I grew up in a day and age when cursing in ordinary speaking was frowned upon and discouraged. If you dropped a hammer on your toe it was one thing, but your ability to curse wasn't something you advertised nor were proud of. Like I said, I grew up in a different day and age when folks were still taught and practiced manners and etiquette and such. Sad that such things have become extinct in modern day society.
That moved me to send him a private message, sharing my thoughts on his post, and letting him know that now I definitely wouldn't be reading and reviewing any of his books. (Note - I do run a book review blog and am always reading something.) But then I moved on from that. I got to thinking about the 3 ladies who taught me what manners and etiquette mean. 
They are:
My mother.
Momma and me when I was 1
My grandmother on my father's side.

My grandmother on my mother's side.

These are the 3 ladies who helped shape me into the person I am today. Yes, there were other factors and people who influenced me and affected who I would become, but these 3 ladies were my three main influences.

And have no doubt, they were ladies. I can't ever remember hearing any of these 3 ladies say even one curse word, and they discouraged it in others. In fact, in their presence, others just didn't curse. 

This all has set me to thinking, about the person that I want to present to this online world of today. And I want to honor those 3 fine ladies and their influence upon me. I put up the following post on facebook:

There was a time when you didn't hardly see a woman out in public in pants, and she certainly didn't use curse words. The emphasis on being a lady was taught to the young women of society. Back then, being a lady was about a lot more than just cursing. It was a way of acting, of carrying yourself, of dressing, of being.

In today's society, we've lost that to a great extent, among the female society; which is sad. Our President's wife is a great example of a woman who is a lady.  Unfortunately, public examples of ladies are few and far between today. One only has to check out the headlines about comedian Kathy Griffin to find an example of the total other end of the spectrum, far removed from the term lady.

So I'm going to endeavor to take a step back in time, to be the lady that these three fine women taught me to be. To regain that elegance and grace, that way of speaking and acting, that is mostly lost in today's society. It may not change anyone else, but it will change me; and I'm good with that.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dear democrats, why Hillary lost

Dear Democrats,

You know, you people seem to still be struggling with why Hillary Clinton lost. I thought I'd share with you and clue you in.

The woman called a large segment of the American public deplorable, and implied that they were ignorant, and biased, and backward. 

Have you forgotten about that?
Are you really that surprised that she lost?
How did you think she was ever going to win after doing that?

Something for you to remember - if you insult people, they will not vote for you. 

Me, I'm one of those 'deplorables', and proud of it. And I'm descended from pioneers who settled this country, not immigrants.

Good day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Update about The Leisure Zone blog

Just an update on my book review blog, The Leisure Zone.

Wanted to share some updates about my book review blog.
  • We currently have 2 reviewers: one full time, me, Jacqueline - and one part time, Shadow.
  • We did away with the review team about a year or more ago, as it just wasn't working out for me.
  • Currently we have a backlog of reviews to post.
  • Because of that, I'm taking a break from my read and review list until we get worked through the backlog of reviews.
  • So naturally, I'm not adding to my read and review list right now.
  • Shadow's status is pretty much unchanged.
  • In order to get caught up on my review posts, I'm going to start scheduling posts to automatically be put up each day in the blog.
  • Posts will go up at 10:00 a.m. central time, each day in the blog, except for Sunday.

Have any questions, comment and ask.

Do not comment with a review request.
Comments that are review requests will be deleted and ignored.
Visit the blog site for review request info and form.