Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 9-11

Was just noticing a post over on facebook that is going around, about wanting people to be silent on the website between 8:46 am to 10:28 am.  But what happened that day was more about life than it was about death.

For my husband and I, 2001 was a very eventful year.  We had just moved into the rented house that we are still living in.  The first of August that year, he was fired from the church he was pastoring for simply sending out a letter asking for some help.  And we all know what happened in September.  Never will forget that year.

Well this year, 2011, has been a very eventful year for us too.  In February of this year, my husband was fired from his job, which was our sole source of income.  Then in March, we found out he had cancer and he spent most of that month in the hospital.  Then he filed for disability, and finally got that.  There have been the doctor visits and the treatments, but he is doing well.  And right now we are just about broke and getting by on a whisper and a prayer.

Back in 2001, a lot of people died.  And a lot of those people died saving other people.  I will never forget the stories of those who were going up to try to save more, while others were fleeing down.  Or that plane-load of people who died in an effort to thwart a terrorist's plan.  They died that others might continue to have life.

Let's honor their sacrifice, their memory, not with silence -- but by celebrating the life that we are still here to live.  Want to honor those who died on 9-11?  Plant a flower or a tree, call a friend, or do something nice for a total stranger.  Just celebrate life.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The saggy pants trend

Have you heard about this?  It seems to be the latest front on the saggy pants trend:

Green Day singer ejected from flight over pants

It seems the flight attendant asked the young man to pull his pants up, and he gave a rather flippant answer in return.  So they ejected him from the plane.  Then they had to apologize!  Humph!  I don't think they should have had to apologize.  I think it is a stupid trend to begin with.  It may be a very popular trend, but it is a stupid one!

I mean, where did this stupid trend begin at anyway?  I'll bet no one knows.

--jd --