Sunday, November 19, 2017

Boo on teaser games

I just finished playing the second of what I've recently downloaded and discovered are teaser games. They allow you to play so far and then they ask you to buy the full game to play any further. That's despicable. They come free like regular free games, but they're not. Their teaser games, and they ought to be marked as such.

There should be a separate category or a required label on these that says 'sample game' so you know what you're getting.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Only Lady GaGa supporters can speak up

Earlier today, I put a post on my timeline about Lady Gaga. Apparently she's developed some chronic conditions that are painful. I've heard fibromyalgia and arthritis bandied about. Now everyone is posting, feeling so sorry for her. She canceled a concert and is in the hospital supposedly. With the way folks in the news lie today, I won't say any of that is for certain.

Thing is, there's tons of people who have chronic conditions. They can't just cancel their life and go curl up in a ball in a hospital. They suck it up and go on. They deal with the symptoms of their condition as best they can.

No one feels sorry for them.
Tons of people don't surround them offering help and such.
They get up and go on.

I had shared an article, and expressed these sentiments on facebook, but I ended up deleting the post.
Because of the hateful response I was already getting.

Now I have enough issues in my life to deal with. I don't need this crap dumped on me cause people with their head up Gaga's ass want to hate on me.

Blahhhh .....
Screw me apparently.
They don't give a damn if they make me feel bad, upset me.
I'm sitting here right now with a cold back behind my left hip because it's started hurting me non-stop over the past month.

But guess what. Come Wednesday, I'll still have to take the trash out. I'll have to go fill up the car. I'll have to go do the shopping, carry everything in, and put it all away.

Because my hubby is disabled, and has been sick this year. And no, he hasn't been to a doctor, because we don't have a regular one and we can't afford to go to one anyhow.

So pardon me if I don't have any sympathy for rich, pampered Lady Gaga and her issues. I save my sympathy for poor souls who are in the same boat as me. I don't send it out to rich folks who don't need it.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Poor little Charlie was robbed of his chance

Well, in case you haven't heard, the parents have withdrawn their appeal in the case of their small infant son, Charlie. You can read the article here.

The reason they have withdrawn their appeal is that it is too late for the experimental treatment. Due to the atrocious legal hurdles of the British courts, poor little Charlie will never have his chance at a miracle. They have robbed him of it.

This makes me so glad to be an American, glad that my ancestors chose to come to the new world so many, many years ago.

When I am particularly upset about something, it is my habit to speak out about it. Besides this post, I sent a message to the Prime Minister of England. Here is what I said:
I must say, today I'm so very glad that my ancestors chose to leave England to come to what was then the new world. Your country's laws are barbaric and indecent. You have robbed a mother and father of their God given right to choose about the medical treatment for their child. You have no idea what that experimental treatment might have done for the child. But due to your legal delay tactics, it is now too late. I've read countless stories of parents who fight for every moment they can get with their critically ill child, and how it is a blessing to them; and then there are the stories of the miracles. But your cold, heartless British courts decided that poor little Charlie didn't deserve this chance, you decided the parents didn't deserve that extra time with their child, you robbed them of the right to try for a miracle. SHAME ON YOU! I am so glad I am an American, where parents have the right to choose, where we still believe in miracles. 
I just sent my message.
I feel so sorry for those poor parents. I know from stories of other parents of critically ill children, that every moment is a blessing to such parents.

My thoughts and prayers go out to them and their small son.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The ladies who raised and inspire me

Since my poor husband has been sick, I've had to take up doing more things so he can rest and get better; and I'm pleased to say that he is doing better. As a result, I've been getting up earlier than had become usual for me; and I'm getting quite good at it. Today was trash day, so I needed to take the garbage bags out to the curb, as he's not able to yet.

Then when I finished that chore, I migrated into the office, to get online, with a bowl of caramel, peanut butter oatmeal. When I got on facebook, in running through the posts on my home page, I ran across a post by a writer that I'm friends with; and no, I'm not giving his name. He bragged about how he cussed and how the characters in his books cussed, and encouraged people to brag about how they cussed. 

I didn't care for his post, and I posted the following comment on his post:
Well, I'm from Kentucky, and I grew up in a day and age when cursing in ordinary speaking was frowned upon and discouraged. If you dropped a hammer on your toe it was one thing, but your ability to curse wasn't something you advertised nor were proud of. Like I said, I grew up in a different day and age when folks were still taught and practiced manners and etiquette and such. Sad that such things have become extinct in modern day society.
That moved me to send him a private message, sharing my thoughts on his post, and letting him know that now I definitely wouldn't be reading and reviewing any of his books. (Note - I do run a book review blog and am always reading something.) But then I moved on from that. I got to thinking about the 3 ladies who taught me what manners and etiquette mean. 
They are:
My mother.
Momma and me when I was 1
My grandmother on my father's side.

My grandmother on my mother's side.

These are the 3 ladies who helped shape me into the person I am today. Yes, there were other factors and people who influenced me and affected who I would become, but these 3 ladies were my three main influences.

And have no doubt, they were ladies. I can't ever remember hearing any of these 3 ladies say even one curse word, and they discouraged it in others. In fact, in their presence, others just didn't curse. 

This all has set me to thinking, about the person that I want to present to this online world of today. And I want to honor those 3 fine ladies and their influence upon me. I put up the following post on facebook:

There was a time when you didn't hardly see a woman out in public in pants, and she certainly didn't use curse words. The emphasis on being a lady was taught to the young women of society. Back then, being a lady was about a lot more than just cursing. It was a way of acting, of carrying yourself, of dressing, of being.

In today's society, we've lost that to a great extent, among the female society; which is sad. Our President's wife is a great example of a woman who is a lady.  Unfortunately, public examples of ladies are few and far between today. One only has to check out the headlines about comedian Kathy Griffin to find an example of the total other end of the spectrum, far removed from the term lady.

So I'm going to endeavor to take a step back in time, to be the lady that these three fine women taught me to be. To regain that elegance and grace, that way of speaking and acting, that is mostly lost in today's society. It may not change anyone else, but it will change me; and I'm good with that.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dear democrats, why Hillary lost

Dear Democrats,

You know, you people seem to still be struggling with why Hillary Clinton lost. I thought I'd share with you and clue you in.

The woman called a large segment of the American public deplorable, and implied that they were ignorant, and biased, and backward. 

Have you forgotten about that?
Are you really that surprised that she lost?
How did you think she was ever going to win after doing that?

Something for you to remember - if you insult people, they will not vote for you. 

Me, I'm one of those 'deplorables', and proud of it. And I'm descended from pioneers who settled this country, not immigrants.

Good day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Update about The Leisure Zone blog

Just an update on my book review blog, The Leisure Zone.

Wanted to share some updates about my book review blog.
  • We currently have 2 reviewers: one full time, me, Jacqueline - and one part time, Shadow.
  • We did away with the review team about a year or more ago, as it just wasn't working out for me.
  • Currently we have a backlog of reviews to post.
  • Because of that, I'm taking a break from my read and review list until we get worked through the backlog of reviews.
  • So naturally, I'm not adding to my read and review list right now.
  • Shadow's status is pretty much unchanged.
  • In order to get caught up on my review posts, I'm going to start scheduling posts to automatically be put up each day in the blog.
  • Posts will go up at 10:00 a.m. central time, each day in the blog, except for Sunday.

Have any questions, comment and ask.

Do not comment with a review request.
Comments that are review requests will be deleted and ignored.
Visit the blog site for review request info and form.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Some of my 'take a break' reads

Right now, I'm taking a break from my read and review list for my blog, The Leisure Zone, and I thought I would share some of my reviews on Goodreads, of the books I've been reading.
So, here they are:

Dragon Rose (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms, #2)Dragon Rose by Christine Pope
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an excellent book. The author has managed to write a fairy tale story, in the classic tradition of many other much older fairy tales. I loved it. It's an awesome book, very well edited, with a great story and awesome characters. You'll be mesmerized from start to finish. There is no violence or graphic sex scenes. But there is a most awesome story. If you're a fan of fairy tales, then this is a book you'll definitely want to read.

Montana Snowfall (McCutcheon Family, #7)Montana Snowfall by Caroline Fyffe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a good book, but, it is most definitely NOT a stand-alone novel. It's part of a continued series, and it reads like one. There is a lot of characters in this book, and bits of story here and there about them. Yes, there is the story about the 2 main characters, but about 1/3 to 1/2 of the book is about these other characters. It has a definite continued series feel to it. There are stories started but not finished in this book, and you're left with the feeling that they were continued from a previous book, and will be continued in a following book.

You should not read these as stand-alone novels, even though they are billed that way. They are really not. It's a continued series. From this one book I read, it seems to be a well written series; but you should start with book 1 and read through the whole series, rather than pick up one book from the middle and read it. I enjoyed it all right, but it would have been much better had I read the whole series.

Wild AngelWild Angel by Miriam Minger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is an excellent book and I really enjoyed it a lot. It has a rich story and characters, and is very well written. It's an excellent book. For some reason, it no longer seems to be available on amazon in ebook format, which is a shame. A wonderful story with great characters.

Date Night on Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador #1)Date Night on Union Station by E.M. Foner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a very good book, and I enjoyed it a lot. It's got great characters and a fascinating story. Purely great science fiction. If you're wanting a fun and fascinating science fiction read with a great story and great characters too, check out this book.

View all my reviews

Monday, March 20, 2017

And yes, the stupidity continues

Please note, I'm referring to the stupidity that goes on in Washington, D.C. Never in my life have I known of a group of people to be so clustered together in one area, that was so gifted at making the simplest things difficult. But Washington D.C. - our nation's capitol - abounds with just that sort of people.

I spent some time today watching the House intelligence committee on tv. Well, I didn't find much intelligence there. For one thing, they kept asking questions that Comey and the other guy couldn't or wouldn't answer there in that public setting. So why have it?

Here's my theory - so they would have a chance to sit there on their fat government asses and spew out their propaganda. Because that's exactly what they did.

They didn't address at all the folks who have been leaking classified government documents to members of the press. I don't think they asked about that much at all even. But they are still obsessed with Russia. You know, if they're all so obsessed with Russia, why don't they all just move there. I think it would do our country a whole lot of good.

I've come to the conclusion that our government is a walking clusterfuck of epic proportions. What would do it a lot of good is to evict all the politicians and send poor people, ordinary people, housewives, to Washington. Send someone up there who isn't a politician or a lawyer or a billionaire. It would do our government a world of good.

I mean, that's who we started out with you know.
Just ordinary folks who wanted to live free, to have a better life.

Seems we've forgotten that. What a pity.

Monday, March 13, 2017

An unhappy day on facebook (or how it has become the unsocial site)

Yesterday, I had an unhappy day on facebook. I ran across one of those 'copy and paste' posts that a few of my friends had shared. The piece that they copied and pasted started out with something that was not at all true of the Christian faith. So I posted about it, on my timeline and on my Walking With God page too. Then I later went back and deleted the posts, because I feared someone reporting me to facebook, and getting my account penalized. But not before someone had commented on the post, railing at me for what I said.

Now what I said wasn't that bad. It was completely true of the Christian faith, and I supported what I said by scripture from the Holy Bible. It just wasn't pc.
So here's what it was - there was this post on facebook that started out with a line saying that you could be gay and be Christian. Which you can't. That is totally not true.

The rest of the copied and pasted post was a laundry list of 'stand for nothing, everything goes' garbage. What bothered me was about half a dozen of my friends shared it, and their friends commented on it, rah-rahing it.

But not one commented on the thing that had bothered me.

Deleting that post made me so sad, so down. And that's when I realized that I wasn't going to post much of anything on my timeline anymore. That seems to be the place where the hateful trolls find me. So a simple solution to eliminating that stress point of upset was to quit posting on my timeline except for a very limited range of things.

And I came to the conclusion that social sites weren't very social at all anymore. They were full of mean, hateful people who were opinionated to the point of being a bully about their opinions. They didn't respect your right to share your opinion on your timeline, unharassed. If it was public, they felt they had a right to express their opinion right there on your post. They don't seem to give any consideration as to how their comment might make you feel. They don't seem to think that maybe they should express their opinion on the subject on their own personal space (timeline, profile) on said social site.

Then I began reviewing the posts od one of my blogs that I've had since around 2011. I've recently rechristened it for books and writing, and I wanted to check out the posts there; to find out if I wanted to delete or move any of them. That's something I've recently figured out, about moving a post from one blog to another.

It was then that I realized that all this now, it had roots beginning back 2-4 years ago and more. I read my posts in that blog, talking about the very thing that is still happening now, that is worse. So it's all brought me to a change.

I spent a good amount of time today going through all my facebook groups that I belonged to, and dumped about half of them. I no longer simply unfollow people who make those mean comments, I unfriend them. And to avoid those mean comments, I'm not going to be posting much on my timeline. I've put up posts saying that too. Some of my friends have encouraged me to keep on with my posting, and I appreciate all the kind words that they have shared. I really do. But when the mean trolls come by, leaving their angry comments, those folks aren't there at that particular moment. It's just me and the hater.

And I have several chronic conditions and live with daily chronic pain. So I definitely don't need the stress. Previously before, in recent years, I have re-evaluated how I invest my time; and the time has come to do that again. I'm tired of dreading comments.

It's sad that our world has reached this state, but it has; and I don't know when it will get better.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What's happened to my America?

What has happened to my America? The one I grew up in? That America was a much kinder, gentler place; much more free of hatred and prejudice and bigotry than the one we have today.

Today's America is a place I do not recognize as my homeland. People are so hateful and mean. And today's America is much more bigoted than the 20th Century America was, only they don't call it bigotry. They don't recognize the monster for what it is, and that monster is eating our land.

How long will it be before the hateful words and protests turn into bullets and skirmishes between the extreme leftists and the police and military of the United States? Don't think it can happen? Let the hate continue, and it will.

I've never before witnessed such hatred for a newly elected President as this nation has right now. Especially when he hasn't done anything wrong. All he did was win the election .... and those on the left, those of the democratic party, they hate him for winning. They want to totally ignore the fact that the heartland of America are the ones who put President Trump in office.

During the election, they threw every kind of smear they could dig up or fabricate against Trump, all the while ignoring his promise to ordinary Americans to:
Make America great again!
Hillary didn't make any kind of similar promise to Americans. She seemed to mainly specialize in making snide remarks about her fellow candidates. Personally, I never liked the idea of Clinton as President because I knew her when she was just a first lady for her husband Bill. She sucked as a first lady because she was ate up with envy of wanting the position her husband had, and ever since he left office, she never quit reaching for that office and the power that it held which enticed her so much. She didn't care about serving her country or making it great, just about having the position her husband had held, and the power it had.

The Presidential race of 2016 was one of the most vicious ones that I've ever in my life witnessed. I, as did many others, had hopes that once the election was over, that things would settle back down to normal again. But sadly, they did not. Things only got worse. Leftist mobs roamed the streets in protests against our newly elected President, and sometimes those protests got violent. They harassed and tried to intimidate the electoral delegates into changing their vote and putting Hillary in as President in Trump's stead; in spite of the fact that Trump legitimately and legally won the election. I think they managed to ruin Christmas for everyone. I don't think this has ever happened before.

And when the new year of 2017 rang itself in, the hatred from the leftists and the democrats continued. It continues still today, as I write this post. Many of the democrats boycotted and refused to attend Trump's inauguration. On the day of the inauguration, there were violent protests in parts of Washington DC. The day after the inauguration, there was a 'women's march' which was in reality, just a 'we hate Trump' march. One woman boasted about being a 'nasty woman', and another declared that she would like to blow up the White House; and both of them were known celebrities. One of the organizers of this 'march' had known ties to terrorists in the middle east. And pro-life organizations were not particularly welcome. 

The President's cabinet still has not been confirmed, because democrats are being as hatefully obstructionist as they can, just for sheer hatred and party politics. Even the news media and Hollywood celebrities have entered fray, saying some of the most horrible things against our President. The news media has even stooped so low as to put out lies as legitimate news stories, even when the news outlet knows that the story doesn't have a leg to stand on. All in an attempt to smear the President. Even now, they talk of finding a way to impeach him, even though there is absolutely no grounds. 

It's gotten so bad that you can't even share your opinions on most anything on your own timeline on facebook. That's why I've created this blog in the first place, to give myself a place where I could share my opinions in some sort of peace. 

People glorify illegal immigrants and proclaim their 'rights' under American law, when they have none since they are here illegally. They want to paint everyone with the brush of being descended from immigrants, despite the fact that settlers and pioneers and pilgrims came here first and built this land. They want to forget that fact. 

Me, I can't forget that fact, because on both sides, I'm descended from those pioneers and settlers, going back into the 1700s. I'm quite proud of that fact too. Once upon a time, others were proud of being able to say that. But not any more. 

During the campaign, back in 2016, Hillary called Trump supporters 'Deplorables'. Yes, a Presidential candidate called the American people that, simply because they pulled for her election rival. Yet people still hailed her. But those she applied this name to, they turned the tables on her and became proud of the label she had intended as a smear.

As for me, I guess I'm the most deplorable of all.
I'm proudly and avidly patriotic.
I'm a Christian.
I'm conservative.
I'm a Republican. 
I'm an avid supporter of President Trump.
I'm descended from settlers, not immigrants. 
Yes, I'm a very deplorable person. Just the type that the democrats and their leftists like to despise. 

But all this leaves me very sad tonight, wondering where my America has gone; and is there any hope for ever bringing it back. I wonder how far will this hatred go, what unbreachable divides it will leave in my nation. 

A country so divided against itself cannot hope to stand. But people cannot seem to get beyond their hatred.

In previous elections, after the election was over and the President elected, things would calm down and folks would give the new President a chance. But that has not happened with President Trump.

Well, despite it all, I still have my President's back. Like my ancestors before me, I support my President and my nation. And I despise those who would tear it apart.

It all makes me wonder who is behind all this? Who is organizing these ongoing protests? And how many of these protestors are simply paid agitators?

Our country, the United States of America, is in trouble folks; and if you don't realize that fact, then you better wake up to it pretty damn quick, before hatred washes it all away.

May God have mercy on us all, for we waste this great gift He has given us. He will not forever be patient with us and our land. For we have walked far away from Him.

I will close this post with this passage of scripture, from the Holy Bible, the Old Testament:

2 Chronicles, Chapter 7
King James Version (KJV)
Verses 12-22

And the Lord appeared to Solomon by night, and said unto him, I have heard thy prayer, and have chosen this place to myself for an house of sacrifice.
If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place. For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.
And as for thee, if thou wilt walk before me, as David thy father walked, and do according to all that I have commanded thee, and shalt observe my statutes and my judgments;
Then will I stablish the throne of thy kingdom, according as I have covenanted with David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man to be ruler in Israel.
But if ye turn away, and forsake my statutes and my commandments, which I have set before you, and shall go and serve other gods, and worship them;
Then will I pluck them up by the roots out of my land which I have given them; and this house, which I have sanctified for my name, will I cast out of my sight, and will make it to be a proverb and a byword among all nations.
And this house, which is high, shall be an astonishment to every one that passeth by it; so that he shall say, Why hath the Lord done thus unto this land, and unto this house?
And it shall be answered, Because they forsook the Lord God of their fathers, which brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, and laid hold on other gods, and worshipped them, and served them: therefore hath he brought all this evil upon them.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The staggering level of ignorance in our world

I run across it on tv. I run across it online.
The staggering level of ignorance in our world.

And it's more than sad. It's tragic.
Because we live in a day and an age when people should instead, be at their smartest.

Now me, I'm of the baby boom generation, and grew up in a world before computers. I know that for some of you, that's hard to grasp. But yes, we lived and worked and got along just fine before computers and cell phones and the internet.

Don't get me wrong. I love the computers and the internet. Cell phones ...... eah, I've never cared for phones anyhow. When I graduated business college, they were just beginning to teach desktop computers. Connecting to another computer was done via the phone lines then, and there was no internet. That, good people, was the mid 1980s.

When I was in grade school to high school, and you had to write a report, it meant a trek to the library and digging through their set of encyclopedias. You had to make notes in writing on paper.

But today, if a kid has to do a report for school, all they have to do is pull up a browser and start searching for info. Knowledge is so readily available to EVERYONE!

Fake news? It's easily verified what is true and what is not. All you have to do is pull up a browser and do some searching and some reading.

So what? Do people not know how to read anymore?

And don't use lack of a computer as an excuse. People can browse the internet with their phone now. Computers are available to use at pretty much every public library in the United States.

You have no excuse for being ignorant!
You have no excuse for being uneducated!

Not in this day and age.
There are far too many opportunities to learn.

When my mother was young, she walked to a one room school house. People of her generation put a premium on being educated. They would put out the effort to get to a school. They would gladly put in the effort to learn. Because education was a precious and important thing.

But we've lost that today.

People don't put a premium on learning and education. It isn't important to some people anymore. They have no problem with coming off as stupid in front of others.

But they should.

It should bother them. They should have a thirst for learning.
A thirst for knowing the truth,
for learning about things,
for learning about others.

It would also help if honor and respect and manners and etiquette were also still major factors in our society today.

We live in a very technologically advanced age. 
But people are more ill-mannered, rude, and ignorant than ever before.
They have no respect for others, or their opinions.
And double standards abound. 

Yes folks, it's a very sad age that we live in, because many people in this world are morally bankrupt, educationally ignorant, cruel people.

If the younger generations want to make this world a better place, then they have to strive to become better people.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Why we have an immigration ban

Pay attention folks! Watch the following video:

This is why we have an immigration ban. That's why people are inconvenienced about coming into this country.

All over Europe, they've indiscriminately let these refugees in, and they've suffered the consequences. Sweden has become the rape capital of the world. Gatherings of people anywhere are subject to radical islamic terrorists attacking the gathering. You can't go anywhere in complete safety or peace of mind.

And Australia is mad because we won't take those refugees off their hands. So what's wrong with those people, that Australia won't keep them? Won't welcome them into their own country?

Has common sense totally left people?

The middle east is a hotbed of violence and terrorism and war, and it's of their own making. Those people over there have been fighting for hundreds of years; that's a historical fact.

And so our president wants to be careful about letting people from that area into our nation. And you get mad, and protest? Are you nuts? You get mad because some people are inconvenienced. Safety beats inconvenience!

 AND THIS IS NOT A MUSLIM BAN! Despite what the liberal left biased media would have you believe. They don't mention about all the other muslim countries that aren't included in this ban.

Come on people, use that brain of yours for more than a hatrack.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My thoughts on the Jan. 21st women's march

Yes, I know this is old news by now, but this is a new blog; so I'll be doing a good bit of this. And now, on to my thoughts, which I shared other places:

My opinions on ‘The Woman’s March’ that took place the day after inauguration.

 — To begin with, one of the organizers has ties to terrorists in the middle east, is related to the bastards, and is a bigot and hates jews, and thinks sharia law is a good thing. And in case you haven’t heard, sharia law treats women like slaves.

 — Ashley Judd got up and made a vile ‘nasty woman speech’ that was totally disgusting.

 — Madonna got up and said she’d like to …. well, I don’t even want to repeat it, but I bet you’ve heard. She claims it was taken out of context. She was an idiot to have said it in the first place and deserves everything she’s getting.

 — That rich old bastard Soros, sponsored 51 of the groups involved in the march, and he hates Trump.

 — Some women participating in it should have their mother cards taken back, as I ran across pictures of young girls holding signs with vile crap on it that the kids couldn’t have really understood.

— A right to life group was turned away as a sponsor, so right to life people were not welcome.
 — Lastly, they couldn’t even clean up after themselves and left their signs in the streets for someone else to clean up.

It wasn’t about women or their issues or problems they face or the problems that women in other countries face either. 
It was a hate Trump fest. 
And a lot of the people there were men. 
And a lot were probably paid agitators too.

So no, I didn’t think much of their march.

The real women's march took place on January 27th, the right to life march.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reflections on the inauguration

If you missed the pre-inauguration concert, then you missed something truly special. My favorite part was at the close of the concert. I found it all to be very inspiring.

Hubby and I watched it all, from the pre-inauguration concert, all the way to the balls on Friday night. I thought it was wonderful, and found it very inspiring, and encouraging and invigorating. It restored my belief in my government again, that things can get better. 

Here's what I posted yesterday, during the inauguration ceremonies. I think I posted this right after President Trump's inaugural address:

I will repeat here what I say above:
Those who are against him, who have tried every dirty trick in the book against him, who attack those who are for him, .......
what they do hurts them more than it does us who it is directed against.
Their negativity and hatefulness and anger hurts them more than anything else.
It darkens their soul.
It dims their light.
It diminishes their greatness.
I pity them. But most, I pity those they attack.
It is truly sad.

As for me, I am still inspired, ......
And I renew my conviction to go forth, holding firmly to God's hand, and seek the greatness that I know He has placed within me.

I'd like to share a bit of scripture with you:
Psalm 73:28 
King James Version (KJV)
28 But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.

Before the inauguration, I was feeling very down, very discouraged. But now I feel enlightened and emboldened to go forth and strive for the goal that I set for myself at the end of 2016, and that is just this:

At the end of 2016, I don't think I had my specific list in order, but there it is above. I'm going to take the inspiration that I gathered from the inauguration and pour it into my writing. As I took in the events of that day, that place where my words come from, reached out and pulled in moment after moment, to use as fuel for the goal that I have set for this year. 

I hope that you too took something positive away from yesterday. If you did not, then I pity you.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The short and long of it for Monday, Jan. 9

This started out as a facebook post, and it's still there:

And so, I decided to expand upon it here in a blog post; so, let's begin.

-- Democrats need to grow up and get over it already because YOU LOST!
I mean really, have you witnessed such a huge bunch of crybabies as the democrats are being? They are all doing stuff, just to be hateful to Trump, from the potus on down. Stuff that hurts our country, our allies. I mean, really! When you start hurting our nation and our allies with your bitchy, hateful behavior, it's time to suck it up and act like an adult and get over it already. Those nitwits in Washington are supposed to be working for our nation's best interests - not the damn democratic party's best interests. Right now, the New York white house is beating out the Washington white house for being presidential. The 20th can't come soon enough.

--- The far left liberals who want an anything goes society needs to suck it up and deal with it because being conservative isn't a dirty word anymore.
For 8 years, they've made it a dirty word to be conservative, and I'm tired of it. There's nothing wrong with being conservative. We're not bigots! We're not deplorable, despite what a certain has-been politician seemed to think. Conservative, hard-working people have built this nation .... made it great .... they've been the backbone of this nation for it's entire life. Those pitiful, boozy, crybaby college kids better toughen up if they want to be the backbone of this nation. Traditional values are a good thing, and have nothing to do with bigotry or stupidity!

--- All those who loved political correctness needs to pull up their panties and brace themselves because that animal is out the damn door.
This political correctness is some of the stupidest stuff that this nation has ever done. When you bend over backwards so far in order to avoid offending this one or that one, to the point where you even betray your own beliefs ..... ??? That is the height of stupidity. There's a country music song that applies to this perfectly, and I'll share the video:
You've got to stand for something, or you ain't worth a damn; and our nation hasn't been worth a damn for about 8 years now. It's long past time we changed that, and quit kissing people's asses.

--- And NO, you NIMRODS! Being enemies with the Russians isn't a good thing. Being friends and working together is a lot better.
'Oh gee, let's just haul off and make Russia mad at us. Yeah, that's a good thing, isn't it?'
NO DUMBASS! IT'S NOT! Being friends with Russia beats the hell out of having them as an enemy. Maybe a lot of you younger ones don't remember the cold war, but I sure as hell do. Worrying if the nuclear missiles were going to fly one day for real. Geeze! Grow a brain people and use it for something other than filling out your ass! We need to be on friendly terms with Russia. Fortunately for us, Putin has more sense than Obama. This all goes back to the being hateful for hateful's sake I mentioned above. 

--- And the reason social security is struggling so isn't because there hasn't been enough babies born; it's because those damn politicians used social security as their own personal slush fund. If they had of left alone the monies that we paid in, it would be fine.
This last one was spurred by some nimrod who was on Fox and Friends, claiming that people needed to start having more babies, and that would fix social security. Claimed there wasn't enough people working to pay the seniors the benefits they were promised. BULLSHIT! The seniors of today are me and my counterparts, the Baby Boom Generation. Our social security benefits should be paid by the money we paid in when we were working, so there should be plenty of $$$ for our benefits. The reason there isn't is because Washington politicians have raided social security time and time again, never putting anything back, and have done it to the point where it's practically bankrupt! That one really set me off as it was such utter nonsense.

--- Our liberal, lame-butt universities
This is another thing that sets me off. Many of our universities have become, put quite simply, dens of iniquity. Sports players oftentimes choose what school they will play at based solely on how many pretty girls it has and if it is a good party school. The students go there and party and booze it up and who knows what else. They were so upset over the election that they had to be excused from classes and provided with coloring books and other such nonsense. Yet, they weren't too upset to go riot in the streets, disrespecting this nation and it's election process. Oh, and they have to have classes to teach them how to be adults ..... ? Just what the hell are they being taught? Because it sure doesn't sound like it is anything that's worth a damn.

--- And that's the short and long of it, here on Monday, January 9th, 2017.