Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making your own granola bars?

Now everybody is wanting to eat healthier these days, aren't they. And granola bars are considered healthy, or are they? Depends on what is put in them as to how healthy they are. Some can be more healthy than others. But if you could make your own, then you could know what is in them - right? But how easy would it be to make them? Not too hard really, all you need is a recipe; and I have one for you. I found this one on a blog that I ran across, and have saved it into my recipe collection - which has grown quite sizable after several years on the internet. So here is the link to the granola bar recipe:

Sounds like a good recipe. And the author mentions tweaking the recipe. That is a favorite of mine, tweaking recipes. I save a recipe that I sort of like to use as a guideline in creating other recipes. Eliminate what I don't like, and add what I do; and in this way I customize recipes to our personal tastes. So check out this neat granola recipe that I found.

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  1. Thank you for buzzing my seed! I hope these turn out great for you. *Now following you*