Saturday, January 22, 2011

Supporting our troops - just do it!

Ran across a blog post that talked about something near and dear to my heart - and that is supporting our troops.

They didn't ask to be over there, but when our government called - they went where ordered. If you have never been involved with supporting our troops, then do. It is an experience that you will be glad for having, and one that you will never forget. I haven't.

I'm not sure how I originally got involved with it, but I am glad I did. I have written and emailed to several of our troops. Have a bunch of photos that they have sent me. Am friends with a couple of them on facebook. Made some good epals who I am also friends with on facebook.

There are lots of websites and groups that can help you with getting involved with supporting our troops. Just click on google and do a search on 'supporting our troops'. It will bring up a whole list of websites. Now I have never sent care packages like the ones talked about in the blog post. You don't have to send care packages. You can just be a pen pal and send letters too. And I didn't know any of the soldiers that I wrote to either.

If you are daunted by writing to someone you don't know, and aren't sure where to start in a letter - just tell them about yourself. Who you are, where you live, what an ordinary day is like for you. Maybe tell them about what the dog did, or the kids did, or what the weather is like. Ordinary sounds real good to these troops, because their lives don't hold much of the ordinary. And as far as the care packages go, the websites will tell you all about how to do it and what to, and not to send. You can even find recipes for home-baked goods that mail well too.

Doesn't matter what country you live in. Support the troops of your nation. They are out there keeping you and our world a safer place for all. Me, I live in the USA in the state of Kentucky. So . .

I send out a big salute to all our US troops, and especially a salute to our troops from Fort Knox and Fort Campbell. SALUTE!!! :)

= jd =

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, and cheers to you for posting about supporting our troops!