Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just me and my weight gain

Well, the title of this blog is 'sharing my thoughts'; and tonight I am thinking about my weight.  Just a bit ago I weighed, and I weighed a startling 158.0 pounds.  I have gained 28.2 pounds since February 2 of this year.  My weight has got to go down, and I have got to get serious about it.  So a lot of what this blog will probably be about in the near future is my losing weight.  One thing I need to do is to curb my sweet tooth, and find lower calorie sweets to satisfy me.  Another thing I am going to try to do is to weigh every day.  I think I will check out some of the lean cuisine and such type frozen dinners.  

Some things I have hindering me are that I have digestive issues.  Back several years ago, I developed irritable bowel syndrome after getting food poisoning from eating some leftover chicken.  Also, I am menopausal and it is not uncommon to gain weight during menopause.  Plus I have a bad back, which hinders my exercising.  

One thing I have done is make myself up a weight and activity chart and put on my computer.  So I can daily track my weight and activity.  


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