Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook rolls out new changes

It began over the summer, this facebook rolling out changes.  And they indicated - heck, they said - that there would be more changes to come over the coming months.  As for me, I have liked all their changes pretty much and have adapted.  I like facebook.  And I do think their changes have made it better to use.  They have been really great to provide info explaining the new changes and how to use them.  The biggest change today was simply how the newsfeed on your home page appears.  Here is a link to some info explaining it:

There is even a feedback link at the bottom so you can tell people what you think of the new changes.  Judging by comments from my friends, it would seem that my hubby and I are among the few who like the changes.  Another change facebook made over the past couple of months is to add the ticker.  If you are on facebook, and play games, you have already seen the app ticker.  But now they have added it to your other pages too, for status posts.  The app ticker I didn't really care for as it seemed to crowd the game screen some, but I have gotten used to it and pay it little attention.  This newest ticker, I love.  You can hover over a post, and the whole thing appears to the left side.  You can easily check out what your different friends are doing and saying.  Here is a link to some info about the tickers:

I couldn't even begin to tell you why I like the changes, when so many of my friends seem to hate them.  But then maybe it has to do with my computer experiences. 

I began using computers for the first time in the early 1980s.  I took computer operations at a business college, and learned on a big room filling IBM System 34.  They were only beginning to teach desktop computers at the college when I graduated.  At my first job, my employer had a brand new AT&T desktop computer that he knew nothing about; and neither did I.  I took the manuals and read them and learned about it.  My next computer, which I still have and it still works, was an Apple Macintosh Plus; which had an operating system pretty much exactly like windows of today.  So I have used a lot of different computers, and a lot of different operating systems.  What I didn't understand, I sought to learn about.  Thus I got good at finding info I wanted.

I want to conclude with this thought:

Change is the nature of civilization.  New changes in some area are always presenting themself.  Once upon a time, cars and airplanes were new changes.  And from what I have seen in movies and such, back then there were people who hated those new horseless carriages.  But now cars are an accepted part of our civilization.  So to reduce the stress in your life, accept that change will occur; and adapt to it as best as possible. 

One thing I do hope that facebook will roll out is a way to sort out the posts for one particular game.  Right now there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.  There used to be a way to do that at the bottom of the games page.  Hopefully that is one of changes they will roll out.

That's all for me, and I am . . .

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