Monday, January 24, 2011

Cassettes and 8 tracks and albums and CDs

Read a blog just now by someone who talked about how they used to collect cassette tapes as a kid. Well, that sort of dates both them and me too. You see, when I was a kid, there weren't any cassette tapes. It was all albums, 33rpm and 45rpm. Then 8 tracks came along. They had a rather short life, for they were soon replaced by the cassettes. Then came the CDs. And now many people just store digital versions of their favorite songs.

I still have a bunch of my cassettes. Have been trying to collect them all on CDs. Have some of my old albums too. And have some that belonged to my uncle. They are 78s. Don't have any of my old 8 tracks though. They players back then had a nasty tendency to eat the tapes. And when I got my cassettes, I think I gave away what ones I had left.

I feel sorry for all you younger ones who have missed all this. It has been neat to sit here and witness all this progress.

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  1. I know! I think perhaps I was born in the wrong decade.

    Thanks for the link-back!

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