Monday, September 21, 2015

Windows 10 - after the upgrade notes

Hey all,
This is an update on my upgrade to windows 10. I upgraded from windows 7, in case anyone wants to know. And if you want more info on that, -- click here --

Now, here's some notes about windows 10 after I've been using it a bit.

To begin with, don't try to start your upgrade through the windows updates that you may be used to using for updates. Yes, your windows 10 update will show there, saying it's ready to install; but if you try to begin the upgrade from there, it will fail. You need to click on the little windows 10 update app icon, which you'll find in your taskbar, on the far right, over where your clock is. It will be a rectangle shape of 4 rectangles. Start your upgrade there. That will tell you when you're ready to upgrade.

I had to reinstall my printer software. This wasn't too big a surprise to me. I was sort of expecting this one. In fact, my computer didn't even recognize that my printer was hooked up to it at all. But this wasn't too bad though. Found the spot on the HP site where I needed to download the software from and got that done.

First thing I learned was how to change the color of the start menu and the taskbar. That can be found under settings, link is on the start menu, under personalization. 

I enabled cortana, which I'm still learning about. 

My sound coming through my speakers is different now. I've tweaked on it some, but it still sounded different, but I got it better sounding. I'm still wasn't completely satisfied with it, and kept tweaking on it. The thing that seemed to finally fix it was resetting the settings to default, then tweaking a tiny bit.

I'm slowly but surely finding stuff and learning stuff about windows 10. The settings is neat, in that it has a search function, which the old control panel didn't have. And my old control panel is still there. Found it and pinned it to my start menu.

I really like the new start menu. You can pin about anything that you want to the start menu. If you go to a link in edge, it has a menu option that will let you pin that link to your start menu. I pinned a link for microsoft support to my start menu.

What I don't like is that the tops of the windows are all white, no color; and no way to change that right now. I figure these are things that, in the coming months, as Microsoft gets feedback from users, may get tweaked. At least I hope so. But I'm getting used to the white.

The new browser, Edge, has 2 colors, light grey or black. Hopefully they will expand that in the future. But so far, I like edge.

I kept having trouble with the pins in the quick access being frozen and not being able to rearrange them. I searched and searched for an answer, to no luck. Finally, I hit upon the answer all by my widdle self. I had moved the pin for my J's Library to the top of the list. I had been unpinning some unimportant stuff, wondering maybe if there were too many there. Then, I went to my library and unpinned it, because I had changed the icon to a neat tree symbol. Then I repinned it. Suddenly, I could move the pins. I played around with this several times, doing things that froze and unfroze the pins. Never did find anything online anywhere about it. But now I know what caused it to freeze up.

I learned just now that what I call the files window, is actually called file explorer, and always has been. Another little note on this - all the file icons are set to details, and I like it on large icons ...... so ....... every time I go to a folder for the first time, I am having to reset the icon to what I like. Once I've been there once, it seems to stay. But, it is a bit tedious.

I've been exploring the various free apps in the windows store. Just recently I found an NFL one that I downloaded. Also found a couple of pinball game apps that I downloaded, along with a couple of match 3 type games. All in all, I'm loving the new apps feature.

In conclusion, I'm really glad I upgraded to windows 10. I love it. I thought I liked windows 7, but windows 10 is head and hands above 7. 

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  1. I installed Windows 10 on my laptop computer, which I don't use as often as my desktop. So far, it seems okay, except I now have to use Chrome because Edge doesn't work right with my email, in which I have to toggle back and forth from my Yahoo ID to my domain ID. The domain ID was not available to go to, even though I signed in with that email address. I called Yahoo Business about the issue and using Chrome was their only solution. I had no problem with the printer at all, which was surprising.