Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My windows 10 installation experience

Now my computer is like my baby. So when I first heard about the free windows 10 upgrade, I said 'no, no thanks, I'm happy with 7'.

But then, some events took place to change my mind.
During a bad thunderstorm, lightning ran in through our phone line and toasted hubby's computer. He's having to use our old XP computer in order to have something to get online with. Here's the link to an event I created about that:

Watching him scour around checking on what he could and couldn't upgrade on that computer, that's what settled me on upgrading to 10. I didn't want to get there with 7, on my baby. So I clicked the button and reserved my upgrade and set back and waited.

Today, I was on my computer doing my usual stuff, when it froze up on me for a moment. I've come to recognize that as meaning that it has some updates to install. Baby is hinky that way. So I checked updates, and low and behold, the windows 10 box said it was ready to install. That's when I checked the windows 10 app, and it said it was still downloading, so I waited till it said it was ready to go.

This screen below is where you want to get your info from, and it's where you'll start when the download is ready to go.

Windows 10 rolling out in 190 countries as a Free upgrade from today, Download ISO files hereDownload it from here:
Posted by Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29, 2015
So, when it was ready, I followed the instructions. Here are a couple of screenshots of when it was upgrading. It took all of about 2-1/2 hours to do, from start to finish. As you can tell from the photos, it has some really nice graphics that let you know what it's doing.

It has the big circle graphic in the center that gives a total percentage of how it's progressing. At the top, below the upgrading windows, it says: "Your PC will restart several times. Sit back and relax."

 At the bottom, there are three word groups:
- Copying files
- Installing features and drivers
- Configuring settings

They start out as all grey colored. The one that is being worked on will be white, with a percentage of how far along it is. When the first one reaches 100 percent, it will restart; then start working on the next one. Just remember: grey means it hasn't been done yet, white means it's being done, and blue means it's finished.

When it got done, I didn't have much of any trouble finding stuff and getting going. My desktop and taskbar looked a lot the same, but it was the start menu where I noticed the changes. Here's a peek at my desktop and the start menu:
The main issue I had afterwards was with my HP printer. It wasn't recognizing it at all. But, I solved the problem by going to the HP website and downloading the software for my printer. That took close to an hour itself. But, the printer is all installed now and working fine.

Everything has a different look to it, but the print and pictures seem sharper, and my computer is just as fast as ever. There's a lot I have to learn about it, but I'm liking it a lot, and am glad I upgraded.

Just wanted to share this info with everyone. Take care.
-- jd --

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