Monday, November 23, 2015

The first step in writing a book is . . .

So, what is the first step in writing a book?

What would your answer to this question be?

My first answer would be that you need to have a gift for writing; that's the first thing.
Next, would come an idea for a book; no idea, no book.

But let's assume you are a writer, you have that innate yen to express yourself in the written word; and you have an idea for a book. Then what? What's next, after that? Where do you go from this point?

Well, for one thing, you write. You open up a word processing file, and start writing. Write when you can, whether it be for a few seconds or an hour or so. How long you write for is up to you; it depends on your schedule and routine.

As to the software you use, I like Microsoft Word; but if you don't have word on your computer, don't despair. There's some good free software out there available to download. One that I have heard my other author friends say they use, is Open Office. Also, there is documents on Google Drive, accessible through your google log in; same one you use for youtube or google plus or gmail.

So now you're all set up to write.
But what else? What else should you be doing?
Is there something else you should be doing in addition to writing your book?

Yes, there is something else that you could be doing. You could be building your online presence, and getting your name out there; prepping for when you have a book to market. Here are some additional things that you could be doing:

  • website, you can get a free one via
  • author page on facebook, get it set up and start posting and getting likes
  • twitter account
  • newsletter via mailchimp
  • street team group
  • join author group on facebook, and read and learn
Those are just a few other things you can do while you're writing that first book.

Ta-ta for now.


  1. Very good advice for someone like me who is just working on my first book. Thank you!