Saturday, December 6, 2014

Writer tip - who's and whose

I do editing,
plus, I'm an avid reader once again, now that I've discovered ebooks and have my kindle.

I also have awesomely accurate spelling skills.  It was one of my fave things from grade school.

Besides all that, I'm a business college graduate who worked as a bookkeeper and legal secretary.

And, I'm a perfectionist.

So word errors really bug me.  I love it that you can now edit posts on facebook, and other places as well.  I can't stand an error in anything I've written.

Soooo, having said all that, this is the first of what will probably become a series of sharing word and spelling foo-pahs that I notice people using.

These posts are created with the intent of hopefully educating people in a better use of language.  With the internet today, and the awesome search engines that exist, there is no excuse for ignorance.  Computer and internet access can be found now days at any library, even in the small towns.  I know.  I live in a small town and my first internet experiences was at our local library.

Note - you can check the spelling and/or definition of any word by simply typing in:

define (your word)

Then hit return.  For example, here are my word lessons for today:

Please note everyone -
means who is.

It is not the possessive form of who.

It also means -
who has.

While on the other hand, for the possessive form of who, you would want to use:


This is the word you use for the possessive form of who.

And that's your word lesson for today.  Screenshots courtesy clipping from a google search.

If you liked it, share it.  Comment that you liked it.

Feel free to comment and suggest other words that you would like me to feature.


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