Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My response to Bestseller Labs 10 key questions

So here's the link to Bestseller Labs article:
10 Key Questions That Can Determine Your Success As A Writer

And here's my answers to those 10 questions:

1. Do you employ the potency of your TRUE self?
Yes, I do.  One thing I've been faithful to is showing the real me to the world.

2. Are you writing for a particular genre because it’s popular?
No, I'm not.  I write the genre I love the most.

3. Do you stick to a schedule? (Be honest.)
No, not really.  I'm still working on that one.

4. Are you afraid of being judged?
No.  I got over that one years and years ago.  If they don't like me, my writing, I'll deal with that.  I'm not doing this to be popular.  I'm doing it because it's something I've always wanted, and I'm pursuing it full force.

5. Do you edit as you write?
Hmmm, not really.  When the words are flowing, I just go with it.

6. Do you use a professional editor?
I am a professional editor.  But before I publish my book someday, I will have others give it the once over.  I value editors and proofreaders and know their importance in the process.

7. Do you write for a specific, easily identifiable genre?
Yep, I sure do -- science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal.  All my book ideas fall into one of those 3 genres.

8. Are you hoping for a bestseller with your first book?
Of course I'm hoping for that.  I'd be an idiot with a severe lack of confidence in my own talents to not hope for that.  I'm also realistic too.  Which is why I'm expending this pre-publishing time in promoting me, the writer.

9. Are you planning to just write and leave everything else to a publisher?
Nope.  Refer to above answers.  I'm already promoting me the writer.

10. Do you know WHY you are writing?
Yes, it's part of who I've been since high school.  It's what I've wanted to do since 1979.  And I'm participating in it more now than ever before.  Writing is how I express myself the best.  For the me, the words just flow - from my brain to my fingers, onto the paper, then out to the world.

So, I've answered the questions honestly, as I read them.  And I think I fared pretty good.  I think I have a good likelihood of succeeding.  I know I'm going to give it my best try.  

I've wanted this since 1979.  I'm not a green kid.  I'm a mature, experienced woman who knows what she wants and is going after it with gusto.  I'm at a point in my life where I can pour my all into it, and I am.  

Thanks Jonathan for the questions!  
-- jd -- 

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