Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Testing out something I learned

Well, I have a new blog toy that I want to try out.  I've discover that here on blogger, you can schedule a post, schedule when you want it to post.  Now I'm wondering if this will work like it says it is supposed to, so I'm going to try it out, here in my personal blog.

I want to try it out and confirm if it works okay or not, before I use it on more important posts in my other blogs.  Here's hoping that it works.  I've scheduled this post to go up at 5:00 pm, central standard time, this evening.  Now I've been up all night and am getting ready to get off here and go get some rest.  So next time I'm on, I'll find out how it worked; and if it did, then . . . Yay me!
-- jd --

1 comment:

  1. So it didn't post when I had originally scheduled it, because I clicked save instead of publish.
    You click save, it stays a draft.
    You click published, it gets scheduled.
    Test successful, and this will be very handy.