Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This people is disappointed and ashamed

I ran across this picture shared on facebook, and it so totally expressed how I've been feeling about the US government lately.

Let me share a list of words that express my sentiments towards the US government and both parties and the senate and the congress and the president:

  • disappointed
  • ashamed
  • pissed off
  • ticked off
  • just plain angry
  • fed up
  • tired of it
What about you?  Have you been feeling any of these towards the US government?

This latest government shutdown shows clearly just how messed up our government has become.  Used to be, the party bickering got intense around major election times, when congressmen or senators or a president was being elected.  Then, after the election, they would settle down to the business of running our nation.  

But not any more.  Now the party bickering and maneuvering goes on year round, year in and year out, 24/7.  It's beyond childish and ridiculous.  It's harmful to the people of our nation.  

Another sad thing, we live in a day and age when it is so easy to express your opinions to your political leaders.  That's not the sad thing.  The sad thing is, they pay no attention to what the people say unless they say it in a large group that affects ratings.  Have you ever written to any of them?  I have, several times.  What's telling is the response that you get.  If you request help, you usually don't get much.  If you express your opinion, they send you a letter or email back explaining how you're wrong and they're right.  To me it basically feels like they're telling me I'm stupid, and that I should subjugate my opinions to them, because they're so much wiser than me.  Thing is, they're not.

Lately I've often thought that we need to send a bunch of penny-pinching housewives to Washington to run this nation's government.  I think they'd do a much better job, especially at balancing the budget.  

Let me close with this thought -- 
Those in power in our government now days, don't care about the people or what's best for the nation. They just care about winning the latest argument for their party. And our nation is suffering terribly for it, and the people are too.

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