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How to become a book reviewer

How to become a book reviewer

Becoming a book reviewer is a fairly easy process.  The first requirement to becoming a book reviewer is:

-- enjoying or liking to read.

Passed that one?  Next,

-- decide what genres of books you want to review?  Are there any genres that you specifically don’t want to review?

For example, take me, I don’t do horror genre (the gory violent type) because I don’t care for the movies, so I know I wouldn't want to read the books.

-- Can you write fairly decently?  I mean, can you manage to string together at least 5-10 sentences about a book you have read?  And this includes using proper punctuation and grammar and spelling. 

If you have passed all of the above, then this leads us to your next step on your way to becoming a book reviewer. 

-- Where will you post or share your reviews?  Me, I have a blog where I do that.  Here’s a link to one of my book review blog posts. 

I like and use blogger.  They have a wide variety of templates to choose from and it’s fairly easy to set up.  Here’s the sign in link:

Now if you’re going to use blogger, you will need a google account.  If you have a gmail email address, then you have a google account.  Just go to the above link and sign in using your gmail log in, and you will be on your way to creating your blog.  If you don’t have a google account, just click on the ‘sign up’ link in the upper right-hand corner.

Another option is to create a facebook page and share your reviews there in the form of page posts or notes created by your page.  Here’s the link to create a page on facebook.  Please note that you must be logged in to facebook to do this.

Plus there are lots of other free places on the internet where you can create a blog.  So you will need to set up a place to post your reviews. 

Okay, if you’re with me so far, then now you need to . . .

Find books to review.

This is probably the easiest part.  There are tons of authors out there today seeking reviews of their books.  Here are some places to find them:

-- a facebook group that I belong to called:  Review Seekers

-- free kindle or nook or Smashwords ebooks - There are tons of these to be had on these websites. 

Smashwords free ebooks

Barnes and Noble free ebooks for Nook

my own Kindle facebook interest list which will clue you in to tons of free kindle books

And you will need something to read ebooks on.  This is easily solved too, as there are free apps you can download to read ebooks on.

Barnes and Noble nook apps

Amazon Kindle free apps

Adobe ereader app

Sony reader app

So now you have your reader apps, and you links to find free books.  You have set up where you are going to post your reviews at.  You’re all set to become a book reviewer. 

Something else you need to do is decide how authors can contact you.  You need to have an email address to give them, because after you get established as a reviewer, many authors will email you a word file or a pdf file of their book for you to review.  I let authors contact me about reviews via my book review page.

But where do you post and share the links for your reviews at?  Here’s one place:

Book PReview Central

And here’s another place:

JD’s Leisure Zone

Plus you can share the links on your own timeline.  Facebook and the internet are just full of places to share your book review links. 

Now, there’s one more thing you need to do.  Drop by this note by the page Book PReview Central, and add your reviewer info to the note.  This will help authors find you. 

Book Reviewers List

So you’re all set.  Got any more questions?  Feel free to message me via my website or my facebook writer’s page.

facebook writer page

my website

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