Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Scotty McCreery totally nails "Hello Darlin'" at the Grand Ole Opry

Just had to blog about this one. I'm a big Conway Twitty fan from way back when. So when I run across a young singer who can totally nail one of their songs, like Scotty McCreery does, I have to give him his props.

Just sit back and enjoy the video.
You know, there's an awesome story behind that song. Maybe one day I'll write it, and dedicate the book to Conway and Scotty.


  1. You are spot on with this one. Scotty McCreery is one awesome performer, singer and person! Go on YouTube and check out his rendition of "The Grand Tour." George Jones would approve I'm sure.

  2. Scotty singing The Grand Tour.

    1. Here's another link I found.