Monday, May 4, 2015

Defining 'moral compass'

Do you know what 'moral compass' means?
Well, here's a definition for you:

-- Moral compass --
Used in reference to a person's ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly. An inner sense which distinguishes what is right from what is wrong, functioning as a guide (like the needle of a compass) for morally appropriate behavior.

Do you have a moral compass? And what do you define as right and wrong?
Here's a few from my right and wrong list:
  • right - helping out someone who is in need
  • wrong - teasing, bullying, or generally making fun of  someone
  • wrong - murder
  • wrong - theft
  • right - being nice
  • right - holding the door open for someone else
  • wrong - holding violent protests about something you don't like
  • wrong - looting and vandalism
  • right - admitting when you have done wrong, and making things right
I think you begin to get the idea.

There are certain basic concepts of right and wrong that surpass one's religion or upbringing. But I fear that our society today is totally losing any moral compass at all. People are consumed with vanity and vain considerations: white, perfect teeth; perfect skin, the right car, the right clothes, the right shoes, etc.

Once again, I think you get the idea. Leastways I hope you are.

Few people accept responsibility for their actions now days. They want to start whining and making excuses, when called about it. The worst thing to happen to society is 'politically correct'. When we start bending over backwards to not offend, we stop standing for anything.

Do you stand for something? Or do you allow anything?

I think I'll close with this video:

So, what do you stand for? Or do you fall for anything?

I have an ancestor that fought in the revolutionary war. I have 3 that fought in the civil war - 2 on the side of the north, and 1 on the side of the south.

One was with Sherman on his march through the south. He was shot in the wrist, and it was treated with pouring whiskey over it and wrapping it in brown paper. One time, I saw an old tintype photo of him, and you could see the damaged wrist. Down in Georgia somewhere, he was captured and spent the rest of the war in Andersenville Prison. He survived that, and was put on the Sultana, headed home; but the boiler exploded and the ship sunk. The Mississippi was full, but he swan and got in a tree top, and they found him there the next day. He had 3 wives, and has many descendants.

The one with the south, he was working down south when the war broke out. After the war, he sent word home by someone else that he had survived the war and was heading west.

That's the stock I come from. People who had a moral compass, people who stood for something, people who helped build this nation. I despise some of the things that this nation and this world are becoming.

I don't coddle people, and I'm an forthright person. I won't flatter your tender sensibilities. I have certain standards I hold myself to, and I hold others to as well.

If you don't have a moral compass, you need to grow one.
If you're politically correct, you need to stop that.
If you're worried about being what's trendy, then you need to find out who you are and simply be that.

But don't be a willow in the wind, blowing every which way.

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