Monday, February 2, 2015

NFL's message to the world -- cheating pays

There's an old saying that has been floating around for ages:

cheaters never win

But that saying isn't true anymore.  Cheaters do win, and they win big.  Last night's superbowl proved that.

It's a truly sad comment on our times today, and the state of our world's moral compass.

Now I'm a writer, and stuff like this, it just moves me to write about it.  This blog, it's my own personal me blog space, to write on whatever topic I want.  Now notice the pic above.  This is the logo that I'll be using for future posts of this nature.

But back to last night's 'superbowl'.  I think it should be called the 'lame-ass cheaters bowl' actually.  In my opinion (and after all, that's what this blog is all about - my opinion), the patriots shouldn't have been playing in the game at all.  Everyone wants to seem to dance around it, but they flat out cheated by using underinflated balls; and what's more, they got caught at it.  This has been discussed and discussed, but there's no if - ands - or buts about it, they cheated!

What's more, this isn't the first time that the New England Patriots have been caught cheating!  But you know what the patriots have learned from their cheating episodes?  They've learned that cheating pays off.  It's worth it.  The pluses they gain far outweigh the minuses.  And what's worse, the NFL doesn't really give a rat's ass that they cheated!

They want to put on a good show, make money, etc.

I personally find the whole thing disgusting!  And I find it disturbing and concerning.

Cheaters won the superbowl, and today, nobody gives a damn.  They just want to celebrate.  Well I won't be celebrating.  I still have a moral compass, and it screams at me that this is wrong.  If yours doesn't, then there's something wrong with you.

But then, we shouldn't be surprised.  The NFL seems to have no moral compass at all now days.  Their players torture animals, beat women and children, and even murder people.  And sooner or later, these bastards end up back on tv, playing football.

Morals are more important than games and money, and the NFL and the New England Cheatriots need to learn that.

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