Monday, February 10, 2014

America used to be the greatest nation on earth

Once upon a time, we were the greatest nation on earth.  We still like to believe that it's true.  But the basic fact is, it's not true anymore.

The things this actor says, they're not popular nor pleasant to hear, but they're the blunt honest truth.  I recognize this actor, and like him, and respect him.  I respect him even for saying the truth.

Hear me people!  They're true!

Today's American society is more vain and superficial than ever before.  Just take a look at what's advertised.

  • White teeth
  • perfect teeth
  • perfect complexion
  • perfect makeup
  • no wrinkles
  • no gray hair
  • perfect figure
  • just the right clothes
  • just the right shoes
  • just the right handbag
  • you wear the popular cologne
  • involved in all the popular things
  • involved at all the most trendy places
  • and your cell phone is constantly attached to you
That's the checklist of a totally superficial and vain society!  Which most sadly, is what we have become.  

We live in a day and age when it is easier to communicate with people than ever before.  And sadly as well, people have the least to say.

There are those who won't like this video and what it says.
There are those who won't like what I say here.  
But I don't care.

I have the right to say these things.  You know why?
I have an ancestor who fought in the revolutionary war.  This isn't guessing, it's fact.  I had 3 ancestors who fought in the civil war.  I'm related to frontiersman, Kit Carson.  My family being here in this country dates back to the very founding of it. 
So yeah, I have a right to say these things.

These are things that need to be said.
Because I don't want to sit here and watch our country stagnate and die.  
I want to see it claw it's way out of the pit of vanity and apathy that it has fallen into, and strive once again to be the great nation it has been in the past.  

Words like these above should challenge Americans.  Not anger them.  
If you're an American, and these words above anger you, rather than challenge you - then there's something wrong with you.  

Strive to be better America!
Strive to be better world!

Each of you, as individuals, always strive to be better.

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