Friday, May 27, 2011

The NFL lockout

So it's contract time in the NFL again.  The owners and the player's union are at it.  A bunch of millionaires arguing over money.  Does it get more disgusting than that!  When people all over our nation are struggling to have money to pay bills and buy food and to live on, these greedy idiots are arguing over money.  This shows they have no concern for their fans, or they would have settled this quickly and quietly. 

No, they don't really care about their fans.  They just assume we will all be there panting and at the ready to come buy their tickets.  I genuinely hope they will be decidedly disappointed when they finally settle their childish bickering.  I hope the fans stay away in droves.  That would teach them all a lesson in what is most important about their sport - the fans who support them.


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